Quadra 630 built-in digitizer problems

Hulick, Chris (chulick@wb.com)
31 May 1995 14:45:52 U

I just got Apple's TV/Video system for the Quadra 630. All my video-editing
applications (Premiere, etc...) recognize the vdig as the "Built-in AV
Digitizer", just like on the AV macs.

BUT, CUSeeMe doesn't like my 630. It does not recognize the 630 built-in
digitizer. I've tried numerous monitor settings etc... but it doesn't work. It
will not send any video.

I'm more than happy to mess around with ResEdit and make CUSeeMe think its on
another av machine, or whatever else it takes, but I'd really like to use the
built-in video capabilities of the Quadra 630 for CUSeeMe.

Any thoughts? Anyone else ever tried to use a 630 with the video option?

Christopher Hulick
Media Engineer
Science Applications International Corporation