CU-SEEME over WIN95???
Wed, 31 May 95 14:02:05 EST


I was wondering if anyone knew if cu-seeme works over win95 final beta
version. I would also like someone to walk me through the setup or
analyze my attempt so far. I have a 486/66 16MB RAM, running win95,
hooked up to a router connected to psinet. I have not had any trouble
at all running any other Internet application, but I can't get
cu-seeme to run to save my life. I keep getting the "No response from
<IP number>" error message. I have tried about 15 different
reflectors, but no luck. I also checked to see if I was behind a
firewall. I'm not. The only thing I don't know how to set is the
conference ID number. I think maybe this is wrong or something. I
would appreciate any help!!! Thanks...

Philip Hay