Re: Too few colors

Leigh Webber (lwebber@MR.Net)
Wed, 31 May 1995 23:16:42 -0500

>I am having trouble in getting more than 2-4 gray tones of colors with
>CU-SeeMe. My card should be compatible , it is called Pro Movie from Media
>Vision. A program called Video for Windows came along with it, and grabbing
>320*200*256 works fine with that application. That is why it seems strange
>that I get so bad quality when uings CU-SeeMe. It should at least be 16 colors?
>I have tried modifying the parameters, with 0 luck.

You are doing nothing wrong: CUSeeMe uses only B&W (well, *gray* and white).
Some day, perhaps, we shall have color. But as the wag said about the dog
that could walk on its hind legs, "The interesting thing is not that he does
it badly, but that he does it at all." :-)