Gettting CU-SeeMe to work w/ PMac 7500

Ren Medalla (rmedalla@HK.Super.NET)
Wed, 1 May 1996 13:07:10 +0800


Does anyone have any experience using Cu-SeeMe on a PowerMac 7500? I have a
Sony Handycam connected to the Mac's Video-input port,I'm running system
7.5.3 and have set my color depth to the lowest setting of 256
colors/grays. All the video-in options in Cu-SeeMe are grayed out and my
personal video window doesn't appear. I can receive video fine. I've also
tested my video hardware by running the Apple Video Player and also tried
Quicktime Conferencing w/ success.

I've tried CU-SeeMe with Apple's Telecom software/hardware and a
SupraExpress 288. No video.

I've noticed that the bulk of posts and email are from users with Nubus
PowerMacs and have not seen any from users using PCI PowerMacs. Is it a
compatibilty problem? are there any 7500 owners out there that have tried
CU-SeeMe successfully?

Appreciate any replies.