Re: Gettting CU-SeeMe to work w/ PMac 7500

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Wed, 1 May 1996 10:15:43 -0700

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>>Does anyone have any experience using Cu-SeeMe on a PowerMac 7500? I have a
>>Sony Handycam connected to the Mac's Video-input port,I'm running system
>>7.5.3 and have set my color depth to the lowest setting of 256
>>colors/grays. All the video-in options in Cu-SeeMe are grayed out and my
>>personal video window doesn't appear. I can receive video fine. I've also
>>tested my video hardware by running the Apple Video Player and also tried
>>Quicktime Conferencing w/ success.
>If your own video does not appear, try turning off Virtual Memory.

You must be pluged into the s-vhs input with an s-vhs connection.
CUSM doesn't recognize the s-video to composite adapter tht apple ships
with the a/v machines. Also download the new enhanced beta from white pine
the settings are much more comprehensive.

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