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>Date: Wed, 1 May 1996 09:06:34 -0700 (PDT)
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>Subject: Win95 Reflector Software
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>I have seen several messages talking about ref software for win95. I am
>unable to find this on whitepines page. Is this product somewhere else or is
>it not really available? Any help on this would be great! I would like to
>try running it. This weekend if possible.

The latest from the UCSC people can be found at this URL:

There is a 16 bit AND a 32 bit version in the file Do NOT get
the one named as it is only the 16 bit version. The web
page shows the date on it to be Feb 22 of 1996, but it's actually 1995 (the
guy that set it up told me his web server puts the current year on
everything). Unfortunately, this version doesn't support items like
conference numbers, max participants, etc. About the only thing it DOES
support is the MOTD and self reflect.

There is another reflector program for Windows NT at this URL:

The release notes say:"It also runs on Win95, for now, but probably will not
always." I haven't tried this one.

White Pine will have one available fairly soon, also. I expect theirs to be
much much better than these versions are.

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