disocnnecting and audio problems

Robert St. John (saint@main.com)
Thu, 02 May 1996 01:52:05 -0500

I am set up under windows 95 with a SB-16 audio card, no microphone and
no quick cam (yet). Plenty of memor and CPU.

I have a 28.8 modem using the MS dial-up adaptor.

Most of the time when I connec to a reflector. Things seem PAINFUL
slow. Any suggestions on how to tweak performance.

Also, I my audio does not apear to work. Any suggestion.

Finally, for some relectors, the "disconnect" does not seem to work. If
I disconnect, I still get SLOW video. If I quit, then startup again,
it automatically connects me to the last site.

The only way for me to reset is to log out of my TCP/IP session and
reconnect with my ISP.

I was hoping that someone could resolve these issues BEFORe I bought a
quickcam. Which I really want badly!

Robert St. John