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> I just start studing the videoconferences system that exist today and I've
>notice that there are specifics systens to IP networks (ivs, cuseem, ...) and
>specifics systens to ISDN networks (PictureTel, ...). What i'd like to know is
>if there are routers or gateways that allow communication between those
systens.Something like that: If I'm in a videoconference, in a IP network,
>CUSeeMe can someone else that are in a ISDN network using a PictureTel
>system join these same videoconference ?
> Thanks...
> regards,
> Luis

Bonjour Luis,

I believe you are a bit confused. "IP" and "ISDN" are not mutually
exclusive. TCP/IP refers to the protocol used on your network, and ISDN
refers to the method of transmission of that protocol and the size of the
"pipe" you are using.

However, your question is still valid. At this point, there is nearly no
"interoperability" between video systems. As best I know, no PictureTel
system can transmit to any other.

At the moment, on the desktop level, there are some initiatives to create an
interoperability standard. Among them is Netscape's initiative to introduce
a technology called "LiveMedia" in their browser software. Apparently,
Apple's QuickTime Conferencing is planning to follow this initiative, but at
the moment, the other vendors, including White Pine, seem to be studying the
initiative and no result has been announced.

So, for the moment, we live in a world of competing standards.


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