Problem w/ CU-SEEME regarding setup

Jeff K. (
Thu, 2 May 1996 15:37:03 -0400 (EDT)

I just tried to setup CU-SEEME yesterday, and after copying the
necessary .DLL to my Win31 directory, I ran the CU-SEEME executable
file. Then, that erorr comes up that said something about host name, and
I checked the FAQ, and it said to create a file called "HOSTS" and put
that in my Windows directory. So, I did that. Then, all seemed to work
well - didn't get any erorrs on startup. However, when I selected from
the "CONFERENCE" menu "Connect", it just keeps saying "Ready" at the
bottom, and doesn't give me any option anywhere of entering a reflector
I just noticed that sometimes I seem to get errors on startup
like that "Gethostnamefailed" error.

In case it matters, here is my setup:

Windows v3.1
Ethernet LAN connection
FTP Software PC/TCP Resident Module (unprotected) Version 2.2

(I know there was something in the FAQ dealing with FTP's PCTCP module,
but I didn't really understand it.)

Does anyone know what the problem(s) might be? I just downloaed this
version of CU-=SEEME the other day, so I assume it's the newest available
right now.


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