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Thu, 02 May 1996 23:18:44 -0500

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>Subject: Chat Window
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>Hi Everyone,
>I am currently using the Cornell version WO.84b7 and was wondering if
>there is a way to keep the chat window open at all times? When I click
>on the window to type text, all other windows are minimized and I have to
>re-open them. Have searched through multiple CU-SEEME sites looking for
>a fix. Is there one?
>Thanks in advance for your help/advise.

Hi Kerry. Try sizing the main cuseeme window so it is about 4 inches wide
and one inch tall, and make the chat window about 4 inches wide and 3 inches
tall. this way both cna be visible at the same time. To SIZE the window,
point to the corner and your mouse pointer should turn into a double arrow.
Click the left button down and hold it down as you move the edges of the
window to where you want, then release the button.

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