Re: PowerMac 8500 no video

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Fri, 3 May 96 16:33:14 -0500

>I read somewhere that Open Transport, which an 8500 uses, is not yet
>supported. I have had somewhat limited success using CU-SEEME on my
>8500, though for short durations only. I have narrowed the problem I'm
>experiencing down to either my ISP not being able to keep up the
>bandwidth required for long durations, or Open Transport causing the
>modem to ISP modem communications synchronized. I won't know which it is
>until my ISDN is installed in May.

I believe it was pre 1.1 versions of Open Transport that were not
supported. It has worked consistently for my 8500 since I installed
version 1.1b16 then even better when I updated to version 1.1. I've
maintained connections that lasted more than an hour but I am on a high
bandwidth network.

>Also, RAM Doubler and Virtual Memory play havoc with CU-SEEME. I had

The FAQ does state that you cant use it with Vitrual Memory. Others have
had limited success with RAM Doubler but it has never worked reliably for


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