Q: 7.5.3+OT1.1/Screen freeze and lost connection when starting audio sending

Claudio G. Frigerio (cfrigerio@mus.ch)
Sat, 04 May 1996 00:55:26 +0200

Since I use System 7.5.3 with Open Transport 1.1 the CU-SeeMe
connection freezes and the Internet-Access through the modem gets lost
as soon as I start transmitting audio (on push).

This happened with the Cornell Version 0.83b3 as with the WhitePine
Enhanced beta version.
No probme as long as I used 7.5.2 with no OT. All this is done on a
8500/120 with external video8-cam
Did you get simila reports from others? I switched off all unneeded
extensions! No change!

Thanks for any idea!

Claudio Frigerio