Re: Windows NT Reflector

Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 03 May 1996 20:02:56 -0400

>Can anyone tell me where to get reliable NT reflector software? I
>have ordered the White Pine version but it isn't supposed to be ready
>for a few weeks.\

A Beta version of the White Pine Reflector, 2.0.3B1 for Intel NT is available
for download from the web. It works on NT 3.5.1 and 4.0, but the uninstall is
having a problem on 4.0. It runs as a service under NT, and therfore will not
run on Windows 95.

An NT Alpha version will be available shortly. The reflector is done, just
dealing with installer bugs. Should be available from the web sometime on

The NT PPC version will follow sooner or later. The gating factor will likely
be installer issues, since the reflector itself ported to Alpha from Intel
without a problem.

Yes, there will be a Windows 95 version available soon too.

The White Pine Reflector, 2.0.1 for most Unix platforms has been available for
download off the web for a few weeks now.

All of the reflectors can be used on a demonstration basis, with a demo serial
number that allows 10 participants, free for 30 days.

CU-Support says, don't use a CU-SeeMe serial number on a reflector, and vice
versa... :-)


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