Does anyone know

James Crittenden (
Sat, 4 May 1996 11:49:44 -0700

Dear Cuseeme buddies:

I have been experimenting with the cuseeme stuff now for about a month and
have it running really well off a 14.4 w/out a cam. However, I am running
it at home w/a cam at 288 and that seems to be no problem when traffic is low.

My question is more dealing with the software that comes with the quickcam.
It is called *connectix videoconferencing.* Of course, it is not compatible
w/cuseeme and I am not sure if it is working or not. Does anyone have
connectix videoconfering and what are there experiences with the product.
It appears to be very hi-tech than cuseeme I was just wondering if more than
just me have it.



p.s. -people should use the *cudemon dialer* to connect to sites. It does
the hardwork of finding sites b/c it has a database that can be updated and
it is good addon piece to cornell's version.