Sat, 4 May 1996 16:05:24 +0000

Seems some people are reporting the new sportster 33,6's are pausing
for some unknown reason. And the problem seems even worse when you
call an ISP with another 33,6 sportster while using a 33,6 sportster.

I've since purchased a courier, and don't notice the pausing or frame
freezing with CuSeeMe anymore, or the pauses even while using IRC.
WARNING buyer beware!
(1) V34 Sporsters on the shelves today are
substantially different than those V34 Sportsters
that the magazine reviewers and testing labs spoke
so highly of last year.
(2)USR user groups on Compuserve, I-Link, RIME
and FIDO networks are buzzing with complaints of
"new" V34 Sportster dysfunction.
(3)V34 Sportsters of new design are now beginning
to appear in the marketplace with their firmware
eprom permanently soldered in place, eliminating
the customers's ability to replace the chip
(4)The V34 Sportsters tested by CONSUMER REPORTS
and highly acclaimed in the May 1996 issue of
Consumer Reports Magazine were last year's design
with a 20.16 mhz clock frequency. The "tested
version" of the product isn't available anymore,
in spite of the magazine article's being of recent
(5)The new (92Mhz-clocked) v34 Sportsters no
longer use an 80186 CPU chip. In fact, the CPU
is gone completely, having now been incorporated
into the DSP (data pump) chip.
(6)As supporting evidence of the major
differences in design, prior firmware cannot be
used in the "new" v34 Sportster nor can the
firmware from the "new" Sportster be used in the
earlier model.
(6)I returned my sportster!