Enhanced CU-SeeMe

john fonhof (jfonhof@zeta.org.au)
Sun, 5 May 1996 09:44:01 +1000

I use the enhance CU-Seeme 30 day demo version
With the Trumpet winsock I have entered as my ID
If I enter any other ID I get " can't resolve host name"
WWW, mail telnet all work fine with any ID I enter
The gosts file is jfonhof
When I use the self test I will hear a click and my name comes up as a lurker

When I connect to white Pine I get the reply:

0 General purpose Higher Bandwith (10/5)
1 Modem users conference (5/3)
2 Small conference test (3/2)

No matter which ID I use I alway's get "no responce"

When I connect to White Pine I get
0 Public access is restricted

Question 1
What is the (10/5) or what ever comes up mean

Question 2
I must be on the right track or it would not come back with
ID zero, one and two
But why do I alway's get no responce
If (10/5) means 10 connections available 5 in use I should get some responce

John Fonhof