Re: CU-SeeMe with PowerMac 7500 video
Sun, 05 May 1996 00:13:41 -0600

Joshua D. Baer wrote:

> I'm trying to use CU-SeeMe with the built in (composite) video of my
> PowerMac 7500. Everything worked fine with my QuickCam, but the camera I
> have hooked up the composite video doesn't seem to be recognized (no
> video picture and all video options are dimmed). All my other apps seem
> to recognize the input source fine, yet CU-SeeMe doesn't.
> Does anyone have any ideas or similar experiences?
> Thanks,
> ~Josh
> p.s. please Cc me on replies


Although I am no expert, this may help you as I have the same system
(PowerMac 7500). Initially, CU-SeeMe would not recognize my composite
video either. Once I downloaded version 0.83b3 (PPC) and deleted the
old prefereces files, there were no such problems. That is the latest
version available for Macintosh, as far as I know. Also, use the
Extensions Manager control panel to make sure you have only the
necessary extensions activated. Necessary extensions MAY include
"Video Startup" (I am not sure), but may not include any extensions
that may be associated with your QuickCam (if there are any, there may
be a conflict). Hope this helps.