compat.txt for Windows

JEK-One (
Sun, 05 May 1996 19:11:18 +0200

Where do I send an update for compat.txt?

I've tested an unlisted capture board that works with CUseeME.

I've tested The Movie Machine II and it works with CUseeMe 0.84.

Product: Movie Machine II
Confirmed by:
Made by: FAST Electronic U.S.
List Price: $600 (with MPEG and M-JPEG $1200)
Notes: Only with the 1.5 drivers under Windows 95.
Change ";msvideo1=mm2_avi.drv" to "msvideo=mm2_avi.drv"
and disable the line "msvideo=h55_cap.drv"(MJPG board)
under the [Drivers] section in system.ini.
Rename "h55_cap.drv" in the "c:\windows\system" directory.
Resolution 160-120, color 8 Y, 256 or 64 graysale.

C Aliens see ME,

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