Initialize Video Capture Device

Lutz Spangenberg (
Sun, 5 May 1996 20:27:04 +0100

Greetings from Germany :-))

My Win/TV- prism card works well on its own and I receive a good TV and
video-picture. I have not installed the overlay- driver.
When I start CU-Seeme I get error- messages like:

- falsche Zugriffsnummer (wrong access-number)
- CuSeeme cannot initialize video capture device

I use Windows95 with an 486 DX 50, 8MB Ram, 28800 V.34 Modem. And I am able
to receive CuSeeme- connections. Now, I would like to send, got the
system but no idea how to make it work.

What lines have to be in the cuseeme.ini, win.ini, system.ini
(maybe another *.ini ??) or are there any other possible falts?
I would be only to glad to get some hints.
With best regards.