Re: USR Sportster Winmodem 28.8/33.6

Joe (
Sun, 05 May 1996 12:26:33 -0700

Januario D. Veloso, M.D. wrote:
> Just purchased a USR Sportster Winmodem 28.8 which is
> software upgradeable to 33.6 via the USR BBS. I intend to use it a
> lot with CU-SeeMe. However, I've been reading a lot of bad press about
> USR 33.6 sportsters, especially in regards with CU-SeeMe. Do you think I
> should return this modem? Any comments on other modem brands/models?

Don't be fooled.

I have been using the "new chip design" USR 28.8 v34+ Sportster for about
3 months now. Never a problem. The one thing that "chokes" the USR
modems is people not using the correct init string for the service there
on (BBS/PPP/SLIP, flow control, port speed, etc.).

People like too "bash' USR, but I personely think they are the best
modem on the market, when used correctly.

I also use the new USR V everything Courier, and that is a piece of
artwork. With my PPP connection through my ISP (Slip.Net) I regularly
get transfer rates of up
to 6700 cps text, 3800 cps compressed .ZIP, and up to 5800 cps with the
CU-SeeMe codec.

Dont bring it back. Use it to its full capacity.

For those intersested here is my Trumpet Winsock/Courier init.






Ill have to get the Inits from the office Sportster and post those also.

Before I start getting spammed, some will realize that some of the above
commands are redundant in the init string. However with much patience I
have found that it is better to force them in the init, than save them in
one of the Nvram locations.


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