very low fps compared to bps

Karsten Siebert (
Tue, 7 May 96 10:27 MESZ

I had some problems to join this list, sorry for that. Finally my question :

I just installed Enhanced CUSEEME (486DX2/66, FS200 video board, no sound
board jet, Trumpet 2.1f, win 3.11, ethernet card + pkt.drv). I've got the
same problem connecting to myself - even having the hosts file everywhere
in place (with and as local address). But this is not
the major problem. I connected to myselft using the The
connection is established. The ip trace of winsock shows that there are
going a lot of packets back and forth (O.K). The bps indicates values
between 40 - 120 kbit/s (O.K). The fps shows 0 or 1 fps. I've tried color
and gray scale with several options available under CUSEEME. The quality of
the signal is very poor. What mistake did I do ?

Thanks in advance,

Karsten Siebert