Re: Macintosh, cam recommendation

Yvonne Evans (
Tue, 7 May 1996 09:30:48 -0400

I just got the color camera lastweek. And it is a good little camera. You
get quick pic and quick movie. There is a limited addition of quick cards
with it as well but due to probs you have to call a 800 # to get it. So far
I like it. The only gripe I have is I have to get a port juggler cause it
is right now it is plugged where my printer is pluggled into due to color
camera is a ADB device.
I got the camera for pics for my webpage and cuseeme. And to those who
might have a question yes the camera does work with the shareware vers of
cuseeme and the Enhanced vers. The only thing is the enhanced vers kept
freezeing my computer not really sure why either. Anyways I would recommend
this camera to anyone wanting to get a cool camera. And from what I can see
it is one of the cheapest around:)
Hope I could help some. Feel free to email me further if you want.

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