Tue, 07 May 96 08:46:51 PST

This is what is called trying to solve a problem by dual remote
control. My parents are on Cuseeme and they are not very computer
savvy. They recently obtained a microphone and I walked them through
how to use it last night. The problem is that once they "push to
talk" they could no longer receive sound from me. They said that when
they released the "push to talk" button it did change from
"transmitting" back to "push to talk" but they couldn't receive my
audio. Oh yeah, before they tried the microphone the first time they
could hear me fine. On my end, when they pushed to talk I could hear
them. However, the participant list showed them transmitting sound
(green bars around their name) the whole time, even when they where
not clicked on the "push to talk" button. Their setup is as follows:

486-DX50, 16mb, 28.8 modem
Windows 3.1
Proaudio Spectrum Card (older one, I am sure it is only 1/2 duplex)
Whitepine Enhanced CU-SeeMe V 2.01

It appears that once they key the sound the first time they are
constantly transmitting "sound" even though I can only hear them when
they "push to talk" (does that make sense?). Therefore, given their
half-duplex card, they can not hear anyone else.

I would appreciate any ideas.

Paul (alias Pegasus).