Re: 'Phone Barons seek to control CU (what's new?)

George Price (
Tue, 07 May 1996 18:28:07 -0700

Elliott Mitchell wrote:
> CU users might want to check this out.
> There is a petition before the FCC to regulate voice and video traffic on
> the internet, because they are seen as competition to the nation's
> telephone carriers. This can have direct, adverse impact on CU-SeeMe users
> as well as users of other connectivity technologies.
> Information about this petition can be found at
> <>.Thanks for warning us. I read it, and replied:
Having read the text of the ACTA petition relating to "INTERNET PHONE"
software and hardware (RM No. 8775) I get the impression that some
moneyed interests see the need to make a power grab quickly, before
people realize we don't need them.

What if the grocers decided to petition for governmental
interference because some people were learning to grow their
own vegetables? They have to pay for stores, after all, and abide by
laws that ordinary people don't.

What if mechanics wanted restrictions put upon people fixing their own
cars? Or television moguls found that we liked to read?

This is the same kind of protectionism that jacks up tarriffs, embargoes
and other barriers, only this bill seeks to control Americans for the
benefit of... who?

I'm against additional laws against Americans. Let the corporations earn
our business by giving us service we can't give ourselves.

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