Re: 'Phone Barons seek to control CU (what's new?)

Jonathan Day (
Wed, 08 May 1996 00:05:11 +0000

Rod Upfold wrote:
> Even if they only want to stop telephony on the internet....once the big
> companies get what they want....they will go after more and more and try
> to take control of the internet...Money Rules and Government listens!

I'd like to see them try. I've read the petition and the companies have
been, shall we say, economical with the truth on some very important
issues, one being the costs involved. Their chief objection is that the
cost end-user to end-user is less for the Internet than for a phone
call. This neglects three important things - the end-users aren't tying
up the line for the duration of the call, the end-users aren't the only
ones paying for the Internet (although they are the only ones paying
for a phone call) and that the Internet is a /standardised/, whollly
automated network, with no expensive interfaces with wholly
incompatiable exchanges and no operators asking if England is somewhere
in South Dakota.

There may well be a case for some regulation of videoconferencing, as
it does tie up enormous chunks of bandwidth and it can;t be long before
some company tries to run a telephone sales line over the net. Assuming
that they already aren't, of course. Abuses of other people's space is
fair game for the lawyers, if they're so bored that they need to find
something useful to do for a change. But fair and reasonable use of the
net is not.