is it me, or am I doing something wrong? It's me. Win95

Damian Goldstein (
Tue, 07 May 1996 19:59:15 -0400

> Hi all,
> I am tring to view some cuseeme reflectors and am having trouble.
> machine is Ibm Aptiva P5 155Mhz/16 Mb Ram/1.6 Gb.
> Certainly seems to be powerful enough.
> I downloaded and installed the software, and even moved Ivslider.dll to
> my \windows directory. seemed easy enough. Alas, I have tried
> connecting to numerous sites with no avail. Some respond that there are
> too many lurkers (ie cornell), which at least i hope is a good sign,
> others just say there is no response. I have pinged the machines and
> they are alive.
> Furthermore, I run Norton Utilities System Doctor (a performance meter
> tool), and everytime I run Cu See-me, the % of CPU used jumps up to %100
> and stays up there the whole time Cu see-me is running, which slowes up
> my system and has crashed it for me several times( not that it takes
> alot to crash Windows, even 95).
> If anyone can suggest some things to try, or tell me what I have messed
> up, I would be appreciative.
> Thanks,
> Damian