Andreas Pieper (
Wed, 8 May 1996 13:36:03 +0000

Hello all together,

I`m user of a 486 DX4/120 dos-system with 12 MB RAM, a half-duplex
Soundblaster-Clone and a second sound-card which is hard to configure in
Windows, when I start Cu-Seeme with both cards the system crashs. I have a
Zyxel U-1496E 14.4 Modem and the Version W0.84B7 for Windows.
My problem is the sound. The version seems not to have an full duplex
application and when I=B4m connected to myself the speech is very=
Is there a possibility to change parts in the dll-datas. A friend of mine
who has the Apple-version of Cu-Seeme is able to hear me but I can`t hear=
It is another problem that I=B4m not able to change the transmission=
Do you need a video-card to recieve video-pictures from other users?

Thank you for your help,

Andreas Pieper