Re: Reflector List

LiDaNe (
Wed, 8 May 1996 15:44:01 -0500

Hello Listers!
I am (like many of you) a struggling student...
There is a tool I need for my computer which many of you may already
have... I need a video driver for Windows 3.1 --- My original Windows
installation diskettes are long gone (lent to afriend who moved 3,000
miles away!)--- I currently have VGA, but I need to get my Windows
to run in a 256 color (8 Bit) video mode. I ned to have the proper
driver so I can configure for something like 1024x768x256C, 640x480x256C,
or similar configuration information.
I checked thru my Windows system directory hoping a driver might
already be there but it is not. Could someone PLEASE send me a
I am using Pegasus Mail so you can send an attached file, a zip file,
a UUENCODED file, any file that you wish.
I figure if the driver is similar to the VGA driver already in my
directory, it should be relativelyu easy to make a copy and e-mail it
to me.
I am a proud woman and would ordinarily never "beg" for something
like this, but I really need this to write my paper on video
teleconferencing, so I am asking Please!
Thank You Very Much... please repy PRIVATELY to my e-mail address so
you don't accidentally send the driver to everyone on the list. I
don't want to make any trouble.
Kia Nishikawa (at LiDaNe)