Re: 'Phone Barons seek to control CU (what's new?)

Daniel W. Erskine (
Wed, 08 May 1996 15:17:40 -0500

Elliott Mitchell wrote:
> CU users might want to check this out.
> There is a petition before the FCC to regulate voice and video traffic on
> the internet, because they are seen as competition to the nation's
> telephone carriers. This can have direct, adverse impact on CU-SeeMe users
> as well as users of other connectivity technologies.

This is interesting! Looks like the telephone companies are jealous of us!
Is it not ENOUGH that WE "cyber-nauts" are paying the phone companies ALREADY???
Here's the scoop, not only are we paying the phone company for the connection
time to our ISP's, but we're also paying them for the high bandwidth connections
that the ISPs maintain!!! On average, most people *might* expect to pay no more
than $25.00 (USD) per month, for an internet account of *unlimited* access. If
the phone companies convince Congress to implement F.C.C. regulations, chances
are that WE will have to pay higher "tariffs" via our ISPs.
...And (get this), the internet ITSSELF is no more than ONE BIG TELEPHONE SYSTEM
that is already paid for, by all us "little people", the government, and miscel-
laneous corporations and conglomerates!

It's a shame, huhn??? Gett'in to be that a man can't "surf" anymore!!!

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