Re: 'Phone Barons seek to control CU (what's new?)

Elliott Mitchell (
Wed, 8 May 1996 15:28:39 -0500

>Dan Erskine wrote:

> Here's the scoop, not only are we paying the phone company for the connection
>time to our ISP's, but we're also paying them for the high bandwidth
>that the ISPs maintain!!!

I had a chat with my telecommunications guy about this subject, and he
filled me in a bit, I'll pass along what he told me filtered through my own
inexperience, incompetence and ignorance: The phone companies are, indeed,
carrying all the internet traffic on their lines now, but at rates that are
set based on a common standard. But here's where it gets messy. The
standard data rate for a voice conversation is 64Kb, but -- for example --
Internet Phone can get by with 7K (I think that's right), and somebody with
half a brain can squeeze nine internet phone conversations into the space
of one traditional voice circuit. My contact says that's why the 'phone
companies are yelling, mostly because they can't do that too.

He sez that he believes the logical outcome of this problem will be a
system of charging for line use by the bit, rather than by the 64K channel.

Here's the point where I'm bumping my head on the ceiling of my own
competence, so I'll quit yapping :{)


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