Ethernet connection.

Wed, 08 May 1996 17:00:26 -0400

I am a new user to CU-SEEME. I recently attended a conference that
demonstrated CU-SEEME over a 100MB/sec ethernet connection. I was
very impressed.

Now for my situation, I am testing CU-SEEME over a 10MB/sec ethernet
LAN. I have two PC's connecting to each other over this LAN. The video
is acceptable (4-10 fps) but the audio is terrible. If I freeze video then
the audio is acceptable. What can I expect over a 10mb/sec connection?
I have read a lot of messages that deal with a 28.8 modem and it is my
impression that we should be getting a better response from our PC's.

PS. is there a way to limit the number of frames per second? I tried to
use the local video window but it did not work. When I increased the
Max KBS I noticed an increase in frames transmitted and little effect on