Cuseeme, Freevue, Videophone and Hi Tech

James Crittenden (
Wed, 8 May 1996 13:33:49 -0700

Hey Cuseeme Buddies:

I did not have much time but I did experiment last night w/the connectix
videoconferencing w/my brother in law. This is what I was able to conclude:

1. best connection is modem to modem,(not tcp/ip)
2. It does work w/tcp/ip but the other party has to have the software.
3. Audio and visual are possible however after purchasing the product you
have to upgrade the software off the connectix site on the web. Once
you upgrade to 1.1 you have audio and visual together off the tcp/ip and
modem to modem. The qulaity is a little better than Cuseeme but less
than iphone.
4. image is very clear and you are able to have up to 9 fps and get still
keep a good connection.

Freevue, from what I done on it I like better at this point for the following:

1. able to talk and see the other party very well. Your able to get up to
3 fps w/a 288 connection. The audio is clear and if the person has full
duplex you can utilize that.
2. More than one connection is possible. Up to five images can have a
3. You do not have to keep a database of numbers but just names. You
connect to the server and if you know the persons nickname put it in
and you are there.

For those of you all frustrated testing you cuseeme and not getting an
image. Go to Kent State University Reflector or MTV/VH1 Reflector. I have
been on both of those quite a few times and the images are quick and you can
use audio and visual if your configurations are correct. I have been
successful on my pentium using a 288 as well as my 144 w/out the quick cam.
As I stated before w/the cuseeme use the *cudemon* It is a dbase of stored
reflectorsand it sure beats having to pull done the connect screen everytime
you have to connect to a site.

Hope this helps.