CUSeeMe "phone booth" in Thailand?

Dennis J. Streveler (
Wed, 08 May 1996 22:54:37 -0700

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>Not that this has anything to do with cu-see-me..... The real way to
>stick it to the phone companies is to interface the Internet with the
>phone system so that long distance calls become a combination of local
>calls and the Internet. Unfortunately companies that do this are going to
>be just as interested in making money as the Internet is. But it is being
>done currently in a few areas. If anyone has information on this I'd be
>interesting in finding out more about these projects.


I think this will happen overseas before it happens here (in the US). For
example, I've been talking with a long-distance outfit in Pattaya, Thailand,
a resort town where a lot of European and American expats hang out
(including me!) and putting in a CU-SeeMe and Iphone "booth" there.

The place is called the Overseas Cafe, 83/13 Moo 10 South Pattaya Road. It
is a German-Thai joint venture and handles a good percentage of all
long-distance traffic out of Pattaya.

It might be one of the first of its kind in the world, as far as I know. The
idea is that when a business man is traveling, or a family member is
traveling, they can connect to their home base, get their email (of course),
FTP if need be, hook to the Internet-Phone server and or a CU-SeeMe
reflector or IP address.

It is just one of the MANY ways that I think CU could be used. It might work
in Thailand cuz the telecom regulators there don't have a clue (yet) as to
what is going on.

The worst part of the venture is that "local" phone calls from Pattaya to
the Bangkok ISP are not cheap, nearly 10-baht per minute (US$0.40)

What do you think?


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