Re: Ethernet connection.

Jonathan Day (
Thu, 09 May 1996 08:40:22 +0000

Dennis J. Streveler wrote:
> Yes my observations are similar. At 10Base-T speed the audio is still a
> severe problem in CU. I am glad to hear that at 100Base-T that the audio
> impressed you. That is encouraging.
> I really don't think you should have to freeze video on a 10meg connection
> to get decent audio. Are you using Enhanced CU? I am told that there are
> improvements there, but, frankly, I have no direct evidence of this (I've
> used both the Cornell and White Pine version). In general audio has been a
> disaster. I sat at the end of a T1-T1-ISDN conference (at the ISDN end!) the
> other day and we had to revert to Internet Phone to get our audio up to an
> acceptable level.

I get the impression that CU-SeeMe works by transmitting as much video as you
allow it to over the net and that any spare bandwidth out of however much you
have allowed it goes into the audio. I could be completely wrong in that - if
anyone knows how it really works could tell me, I'd be grateful.

Anyways, assuming I'm not too far wrong (ha!), then you aught to be able to
fine-tune the audio by cutting back on how much video you allow CU-SeeMe to
transmit. If you're using Enhanced CU-SeeMe, try cutting back on the video
until you've the slowest rate that still produces video that's acceptable
to you, then upgrading the type of audio you're using until the quality no
longer changes. That should then be more-or-less optimal.

As for wish-lists, I'd quite like to see more work going into the whiteboard.
It's useful, but it can be a nightmare to use. Also, any chance of a shared
text-editor? (Or, since the number of shared apps people will want could grow
almost without limit, some sort of generic shared app support.)