Re: phone barons

Alex Watson (
Thu, 9 May 1996 07:24:12 -0500 (CDT)

> Well I guess the phone companies are going to get our money one way or
> another. I was watching the news on tuesday and one of the lead stories was
> about how the telephone companies want to increase the base charge by ten
> dollars over five years. I am not sure what rational they are using to
> justify this but, it sounds excessive to me. I did not hear what kind of
> regulatory process they have to go through to make this increase happen.

There might be yet another alternative, that might work in some cases.
You can buy radio transmitters between computers that provide a 512k link
(using compression). These "line-of-sight" transceivers cost $1250 a
peice, uses some FM frequency, and supposedly will work w/ as much as 20
miles between transceivers. (so they claim.) I have the info,but not with
me, so some of info above might be wrong or misquoted. BUT, if you live
semi-close to your ISP, and you can afford the radios, you can snafu the
telephone companies charges. (I have dedicated ISDN (, and live within 3
miles of my ISP, around $140 a month, this doesnt look so bad after a
couple years usage!)