Running a Reflector
Thu, 9 May 96 08:41:58 PDT

Hullo All: I am running the Cornell Reflector on a 486PC
under Linux. I've linked the Unix box to another PC
(ethernet cards-co-axial cable) on which I am running the
Cornell CU-SeeMe over the Chameleon Stack (Netmanage).
Problems: First the Reflector gave an error message: It
wanted newer version of Libc. It wanted 4.6x and I have
4.5. But it did run. Now the CUSEEME won't connect to the
Reflector. It does go and fetch the Message of the Day, but
then won't connect.

Anybody have similar experiences? Comments, suggestions,
ideas? Thanks.
Name: Javaid Qazi
Address: 1131 Telfer Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95125
FAX: 408/275-0679
Time: 17:45:22

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