CU-SeeMe conflicts with ARA

Elaine Russakov (
9 May 1996 11:41:59 -0600

Mail*Link=A8 SMTP CU-SeeMe conflicts with ARAP?


Apologies if this is a previously beat-to-death question ...

We are trying to run CU-SeeMe remotely into our internal TCP/IP backbone. =
We are using AppleTalk Remote Access 2.0 with a PowerBook 180 running =
System 7 and an Apple Express 14.4 internal modem.

The QuickCam is running out of the modem port. AppleTalk requires the =
printer port.

ARAP can be started up, and a CU-SeeMe connection established with a =
known user connected directly, but as soon as the remote image starts to =
form, the ARAP connection crashes. It would seem that ARAP is trying to =
access the modem port even though the modem is internal and its =
contention with the QuickCam software is trashing the ARAP connection.

Has anyone else tried this same or a similar scenario and, more =
importantly, gotten it to work?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Email directly or post to the list =
as deemed appropriate.

Elaine Russakov
Northern Telecom Limited