Re: CU-SeeMe conflicts with ARA

U2 (
Thu, 9 May 96 15:45:25 -0500

>The QuickCam is running out of the modem port. AppleTalk requires the
>printer port.

Not so. When you have an AppleTalk Remote Access session, you can select
"Remote Only" in your network control panel. That will ensure that all
your AppleTalk packets/info goes only through the Remote Access
connection. TCP/IP also does the same thing since you are encapsulating
TCP/IP into AppleTalk with a DDP/IP gateway (probably the Apple IP
Gateway). So that leaves one port available (Modem is being used for ARA,
Networking also going through Modem port, leaving the printer port).

>ARAP can be started up, and a CU-SeeMe connection established with a known
>user connected directly, but as soon as the remote image starts to form,
>the ARAP connection crashes. It would seem that ARAP is trying to access
>the modem port even though the modem is internal and its contention with
>the QuickCam software is trashing the ARAP connection.

The question is can you maintain an AppleTalk Remote Access session [on
the Modem port] and use the other available [printer] port for the
QuickCam? The answer? I dont know, maybe someone else does (did you ask
the Conectix Folks)?


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