Need help with Video Window/Win 95 user

lucie podd (
Thu, 9 May 1996 17:47:38 -0400

1. Installed CU-SEE Me software on Windows 95 machine version wo.84
2. Installed Connectrix camera/ Camera works fine with companion software
Camera worked fine with with Cu-SEE Me software initially
(we weren't connected to anyone, but we could see ourselves fine)
3. Fifteen minutes later, snow filled the top part of our video window and
we see a double image of ourselves in the bottom 1/3.
(I think students changed a setting, somewhere but we have tried
unsuccessfully to restore all possible settings)
4. However, we do see participants clearly when we are connected to them.
We tried the test site and a remote site.

Any suggestions?

Lucie Podd
North Country Union High School
Newport, VT