Extending Evaluation Periods

Rob Fleetwood (ROBFLEET@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 9 May 1996 19:14:21 -0700

Well said John...

I paid White Pine and was happy to do it. If I weren't, I'd continue to use
Cornell's continuing Beta. For those who want freebies, there are plenty.
But after awhile...ya gotta start giving instead of just receiving. Funny
how relationships work, eh? If you don't contribute (or participate) you're
not deserving of a continuing partnership!


It is bad enough when people -ask- for ways of defrauding companies
from payment for software by artificially extending evaluation periods.

It is even -worse- when others cheerfully supply the information.

Come on people...White Pine has given you a month to evaluate the
product. According to the evaluation agreement, after that time you
either pays yer money or you stop using the product. Period.
To do anything else is dishonest.

For people having to spend a lot of time getting CUSEEME "working",
use the non-expiring Cornell version to get your setup right, -then-
download your evaluation copy of the commercial product.

Don't like the Cornell version? Tough. You get what you pay for.
You are a poor, starving student that can't afford the commercial
version? Also tough. Your lack of funds is not the companies'
problem nor does your lack of cash entitle you to steal.
Want something better? Get the White Pine version and if you like
it *buy* it.

Companies that make full-featured, non-crippled software available on
the 'net do so in good faith. How about returning that good faith?

No regards to the ripoff artists out there,
Best Regards, to everyone else,