Re: Extending Evaluation Periods

Paul Fries (
Thu, 09 May 1996 20:25:46 -0700

Guys, guys... Chill out... Man.. I was only wondering about extending
the evaluation period because I am leaving on vacation for the summer,
and will miss out on the evaluation time.. I was not attempting anything
Save the scrupules do-gooding for someone who deserves it..

Rob Fleetwood wrote:
> Well said John...
> I paid White Pine and was happy to do it. If I weren't, I'd continue to use
> Cornell's continuing Beta. For those who want freebies, there are plenty.
> But after awhile...ya gotta start giving instead of just receiving. Funny
> how relationships work, eh? If you don't contribute (or participate) you're
> not deserving of a continuing partnership!
> Rob
> ____________
> Grrrrrr.....
> It is bad enough when people -ask- for ways of defrauding companies
> from payment for software by artificially extending evaluation periods.
> It is even -worse- when others cheerfully supply the information.
> Come on people...White Pine has given you a month to evaluate the
> product. According to the evaluation agreement, after that time you
> either pays yer money or you stop using the product. Period.
> To do anything else is dishonest.
> For people having to spend a lot of time getting CUSEEME "working",
> use the non-expiring Cornell version to get your setup right, -then-
> download your evaluation copy of the commercial product.
> Don't like the Cornell version? Tough. You get what you pay for.
> You are a poor, starving student that can't afford the commercial
> version? Also tough. Your lack of funds is not the companies'
> problem nor does your lack of cash entitle you to steal.
> Want something better? Get the White Pine version and if you like
> it *buy* it.
> Companies that make full-featured, non-crippled software available on
> the 'net do so in good faith. How about returning that good faith?
> No regards to the ripoff artists out there,
> Best Regards, to everyone else,
> John