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Jay Shoup (
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The machine is not a real pedal to the metal kinda machine but it
does have a fast network connection.

It is a 486DX33 connected to a 10baseT local area network. The 10baseT
has routers connected to the Internet via several high speed FDDI
circuits. I never know where the packets are being routed to/from but it is a
realitivly fast link.

The system is running NetBSD with 8 megs of ram (I will be upgrading
that shortly). I hope to have the system upgraded to a Pent. 100 in a
few weeks.

I have also had a few problems with the reflector, it does not like
the ALLOW command in the reflector.conf file. I had to remark it out.

I am having the same problem with connects as you describe.
The Cornell version of CuSeemee does not always seem to
hand-shake with the reflector correctly. I will get the Connect
message and then get an error message saying server not responding.
If i attempt a connect, abort it, then try it again i get connected,
but no welcome message is shown. No really sure why. I also am
woundering if the White Pine version does the same thing. If anyone
has any ideas, let me know.

> Hullo, Jay, good to hear about your Reflector. Could you
> put on the list the equipment you are using: the computer,
> the line, the modem/routers/isdn adapters etc?
> I downloaded the Reflector from Cornell and started it on my
> 486 PC under Linux. There are some problems. One is that
> the Reflector wants a newer version of libc. This means I
> have to get a newer version of Linux (I only got this one
> last October). The second is that I am trying to reach this
> Reflector over co-ax/ethernet from another PC which is
> running the Chameleon stack. I had lots of problems getting
> the Ethernet0 to link up with the card, but I finally did
> it. So now I launch CU-Seeme and it finds the Reflector, my
> Message of the Day shows up but then it says "Could not
> connect with" Why is it doing this? Any ideas,
> suggestions. I'm really gung-ho about this Cu-SeeMe stuff
> and would like to stay in touch with you, if that is okay?
> Thanks.
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