Connecting to reflectors

Jay Shoup (
Fri, 10 May 1996 00:41:45 +5000

Just thought id let everyone know..

I belive the code for the freeware reflector has a few bugs in it. The
problem may also have something to do with the freeware version of
cuseemee. One of the problems is observed when connecting to the
reflector. IE a message is returned indicating 'no responce' from the
IP #.

If you experiance the inability to connect to a reflector, (specificaly
mine) you might try the following.

Begin the connection sequence, imediately disconnect, then restart
the connection proccess without delay. You will not get a 'welcome'
message but should get connected to the reflector.

I am curious to know if you experiance this problem with my reflector.
( If you do please let me know. Then try the procedure
listed above an see if that gets you connected. Let me know.

My reflector will be operational for the next week, come hell or high
water, so if you have a problem getting connected please let me know.

PS I will try to leave my camera on and sending data for the next
couple of days. This will help you to know that you are getting

Thanks for all your help....


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