Demo causes GPF in winsock.dll

Kevin Painter (100622.2061@CompuServe.COM)
10 May 96 04:10:49 EDT

Hi all

Background: I'm running Windows 3.11, 66Mhz 486DX2, 12Mb RAM, Intel

I have been connecting to the Net. for about six months via compuserve and
Netscape and Compuserve Mosaic browsers without problems. For four months I
have been "lurking" using Ver. 84b7, again without problems.

So this week I decided to upgrade ! The capture card is in the mail to me and I
downloaded the demo (16bit 2.01) from White Pine. Download and install went
fine (I installed all the default options including replacing cuseeeme .ini).
When I run the demo version it launches the compuserve dialer and all seems
normal. Once connected I get my IP address shown in the window at the bottom.
However when I attempt to "call" a reflector (I assume this is the same as
"connect" in the cornell version) it causes a general protection fault in

I've tried launching Netscape first and then launching Cu-Seeme once I'm
connected but the same thing happens. The Cornell version still seems to be
working fine even with the new .ini file, I can still "lurk" OK.

Any suggestions ?

Kevin in UK