Re: Cuseeme, Freevue, Videophone and Hi Tech

James Crittenden (
Fri, 10 May 1996 07:14:56 -0700

Hey Cuseeme Buddies:

I did some more experimenting with cuseeme software last night and came up
with some more clear observations. First I just want to say that it has
taken me 3-4 weeks just to tweek the software just right, as well as find
good sites for viewing and clear audio. I would start around 9:30pm to 1am
and from this experience I may have lost a girl friend through the whole
ordeal, (smile).

I worked on the two drivers that I have on my system and believe or not for
the first time with Cuseeme I was able to get audio and visual
simultanously. The audio is not what I expected and people will most likely
be disappointed but you can get it. The audio is like being in a tunnel and
you hear someone's echo trying to reach you from a distance. The bottom
line is that if you have web phone or iphone you will have better sound than
using the cornell's audio in cuseeme. To make sure it was not a fluke I
went to a number of sites to see what I could hear. I went to the Nasa TV,
Vdorm and Cuseeme in Brasil. All sites I heard it all to the fact that one
person was cursing out another for exposing themselves on the channel, (go

Freevue in all is the way to go due to the clear visual as well as audio and
the price package, (free)!! The problem with the freevue that I tend to
notice. If you just want to meet people and not get into major porno
graphic or self exposure it appears difficult.

The connectix videophone I think in the future will be the package of
choice. When they decide that the larger audience user have internet
accounts and want to utilize their cams that way they will tweek the package
for the tcp/ip user than the t1/isdn group. As notice, the message someone
stated that connectix is truly making software strictly for the isdn/t1
group. That is true, but they do have the upgrade once the software is
purchase to utilize tcip/ip connections. This enables audio and video to
work together. Once more people get the word out on the videophone I think
it will give whitepines version a run for their money.

I have no idea why we are so involved in this though because once we have
the cuseeme, videophone and iphone working to perfection the
lobbiest/government will take this away from us or charge us for the use.
That will really ruin all the fun.