7500 lockup during talk

Aaron S. Magill (amagill@fcg.net)
Fri, 10 May 1996 09:40:25 -0600

Hi, I'm a recent subscriber, so if this is covered in a FAQ, please let me
know, and where I can find it.

To give a brief description, my Father and I are trying to get CUSeeMe set
up on two PowerMac 7500's and are having a difficult time... we're both
using System 7.5.3, and OpenTransport 1.1(.1?) that comes with it, though
this problem did occur earlier when he was using 7.5.2 and MacTCP 2.0.6 as
well. We both have video cameras attached to the RCA input ports on the
back of the machine, and I'm using the built in microphone jack for a
separate microphone, while he is using the Sound from his cammera. We're
both using 28.8k modems to connect to our separate providers.

Ok, the problem: When we connect, we can see the video fine... that seems
to work well and update itself ok. When one of us presses the talk button,
however, the machine locks up with the button down. I can hear him
mumbling about how it has locked up again and he is going to have to
reboot, so the machine is still chugging along, it just isn't releasing the
talk button. Likewise, If I press the talk button, it locks up my machine
and he hears me mumbling.

I recently tried connecting to a refelctor we occasionally use at work
(where I have CUseeme working just dandy on a Centris 610 running 7.5.3)

When my 7500 is connected to the reflector, the same results occur:
pressing talk locks up the machine.

Any thoughts on what is wrong? We are both running pretty vanilla
extensions... just about everything we can think of is turned in the
extension manager.

Any help will be appreciated!

Aaron Magill

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