Cuseeme, Freevue and Hi Tech :-)

James Crittenden (
Fri, 10 May 1996 08:14:45 -0700

Dear Cuseeme Buddies:

Someone made a very good point!! I have to apologize it was me being lazy
that caused me not give the complete information on where the reflectors
were located. I assumed that people may take craig's addin piece the
cudemon dialer which stores about 100 sites in its d-base.

The sites I referred to are as follows:

-NASA TV (35)

Those sites will give you good visual as well as audio. As I stated earlier
if you d/l cudemon dialer they are already preloaded and beats have to drag
and drop ip addressses. The site for the cudemon dialer I think is the

Don't quote me on that!! It is listed under the cornell web page and can be
located using webcrawler, or yahoo.

One more thing I was reading the newsgroup and I envy those using the
whitepine version. Reason you can use it!! I would pay for it and love to
try it but it appears not to be compatible with my Netcom/Netcruiser
account. Anyone has any suggestions I would accept them.