Re: Camera vs. camcorder

LiDaNe (
Fri, 10 May 1996 11:18:05 -0500

Has anyone hooked up a VCR camcorder to a video board and been able
to send out CuSeeMe pix?
ANYONE who has been successful, please e-mail me the stats on your
system and software/hardware configuration---
Info on PC's only, please----
and give me as much detail as possible---
you know the routine---
modem speed, types of cards, etc.
I am tempted after reading the cuseeme txt files to run out and but a
QuickCam for $99, but if there was some way to use my camcorder---
(the problem there seems to be those videocards are more expensive
than the QuickCam and almost cost AS MUCH as a camcorder!)
Anybody outthere with any new ideas/suggestions or products we don't
know about?
Please send info!
Kia Nishikawa (at LiDaNe)