Re: Phone Barons / Non-profit LAN anyone?

LiDaNe (
Fri, 10 May 1996 11:18:04 -0500

ORIGINALLY this was to be a private message, but on second thought I
decided to share it with all!

We are going to get it. Big Time.
Who is we? We is us! Let me explain: I am 45 years old.
When I was a young man of 5 years old, all dads worked, all moms
stayed home.
We had a new car every 2 years.
Every month mom paid $40 for the mortgage and $5 for the TV set.
Just prior to Christmas 1995 I was happy to see the prices of TV's
and VCR's WAY WAY DOWN---- $139 for a color TV and $99.99 for a VCR!
In the very same newspaper, buried way in back, a tiny story about
the upcoming HDTV and how it will be mandated, how sets will cost
$10,000 for the basic bottom-line model (Americans will go back to
paying on their TV sets), and TV as we know it will disappear! This
is set to take place by 2002.
Last week I read about the newly proposed and FCC-apporved on May 9
Digital Radio... there will be digital satellite radio stations that can be
received nationwide in your home or car... you not only pay thousands
for the radio sets, but you have to pay for the COMMERCIAL channels!
Radio as we know it will eventually disappear...
The KILLER slap: in yesterday's WALL ST JOURNAL "Coming Soon: A
Plan To Confiscate Your Car"... to quote: "The auto emissions
law...provides for a centralized emissions inspection regime
explicitly designed to fail most cars more than 4 years old." The
Journal says that cars failing the tests "...could be subject to
confiscation or scrappage. ... The automobile manufacturers are
salivating at that prospect... imagine if everybody had to buy a new
car every 3 or 4 years."
So my friend, enjoy life and technology NOW while you still can...
what is next? regulating sex and marriage? Who knows?
But it looks like we will be made to PAY, PAY, PAY for everything!
And it is coming down the pike, and nobody seems to be trying to stop
Write Back!
PS-my older cousin Paul has told me (and I verified this) that when he
was a lad, his mom and dad had what was called the CBS Color TV
System. The process was smashed much the same way Sony's BetaMax
videotape system was crushed by VHS, the same way CD's trounced vinyl
phonograph records -- which the Japanese have proven are better than
CD's but that's another story---
With the CBS Color system, all you needed were a few items CBS sold
as a kit and your BLACK AND WHITE TV could receive COLOR pictures!
If you can get a hold of some "fall Premiere" TV guide magazines at
your local library, check out the SEptember and October editions of
years 1953 and 1954--- look
for some stories and previews of the CBS Color Shows---
one week's issue even compares the CBS against the present-day RCA
Color system! --- or check the
channel listings and see that programs like "Red Skelton" were
colorcast! I am sure that this amazingly simple technology could
have been refined.
ANOTHER product that mysteriously vanished before it could be
technologically magically transformed: Circa 1985 the Mattell
KiddieCorder--- a working sight/sound Video tape recorder that at the
time was Black and White, sold for about $198 and used AUDIO CASSETTE
TAPES --- it was also a PLAYER when you connected it to your TV
think of the bazillions Sony and Panasonic and the gang
would have lost if this thing was allowed to grow and develop!