Fri, 10 May 96 13:46:58 PDT

To ALL CU-SeeMe Reflector Users.

Jay Shoup provided me with a novel solution to a problem I
was facing with the Cornell Reflector. While the Reflector
was running on a PC, another PC connected to the Reflector
PC would not connect CU-SeeMe to it. It would say "No
response from" Which was odd since it would
first go and get the Message of the Day and display that and
wait for you to click on ok.

Jay said try to connect and then disconnect quickly before
MOTD appears and the reconnect right away. I did that and
it worked. CU-SeeMe got itself connected to the Reflector
and I was able to see the packets numbers go up on the
Reflector PC (running Linux on a 486.)

Any remarks or suggestions on this topic will be greatly
appreciated. Thanks all. Javaid Qazi
Name: Javaid Qazi
Address: 1131 Telfer Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95125
FAX: 408/275-0679
Time: 17:45:22

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